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SOLO: 1 dancer

DUO/TRIO: 2 - 3 dancers

GROUP: 4 - 12 dancers

FORMATION: 13 - 30 dancers

PRODUCTION: 31+ dancers




MINI: 5 – 8 years (2017 - 2014)

KIDS: 9 – 12 years (2013 - 2010)

JUNIOR: 13 – 16 years (2009 - 2006)

ADULT: 17 years and over (2005 and over)

SENIOR: 31+ years (1991 and over)


A dancer’s age division is determined by his or her year of birth as it falls within the calendar year of the competition.


In duo/trio, group and formation categories the eldest dancer's date of birth determines the age division. 


Younger dancers than determined for a particular Age Division can dance in each Age Division, under the condition that they are no more than two years younger than the lower age limit of Age Division in which they are dancing. 20% of older dancers than determined for a particular Age Division can dance in each Age Division, under the condition that they are no more than two years older than the highest age limit of Age Division in which they are dancing. Specific exemptions are allowed in agreement with the organizer.


Productions are groups where dancers of all Age Divisions can dance without limitations. 






Urban encompasses choreographies of different street dance styles, such as hip hop, street dance, break dance, electric boogie etc. It could be only technical choreograph or it could be integrated into a story. Stage props are permitted.


Different hip hop dance styles. Stage props are not permitted. Dancers dance on organiser’s music. First round is presentation round so judges can choose who will battle.

BREAK DANCE solo battle

Break dance elements with footwork. Stage props are not permitted. Dancers dance on organiser’s music. First round is presentation round so judges can choose who will battle.


Disco dance elements and dance technique. Stage props are not permitted. Dancers dance on organiser’s music.



Show dance is based on jazz technique, classical ballet technique and modern-contemporary dance technique. Technique of other dance disciplines can be incorporated, but should not dominate the performance. Story, presented by dancers, is the essential component of individual performances.



Jazz is an extremely diverse art form. The entire routine must consist of jazz work, i.e. jazz technique turns, jumps isolations, stretch etc. Acrobatic elements are not permitted. Choreography must consist of basic jazz elements.


Modern dance is based on a relaxed, free movement-dancing, choreographers use feelings and moods to design their own dance steps. The entire dance routine must consist of modern dance techniques and current trends. 


Dancers in this discipline must present Classical Ballet Technique and style and must perform it in soft ballet slippers or Pointe shoes. Lyrical, modern and modern jazz techniques and pieces are not permitted in this discipline.


This style of dance is based on classical RagsSharqi style and can contain elements of other oriental folk dances and styles.



All other dance styles that are not determinate as individual categories (tap, majorette dance, pom pon, twirling, latino show, salsa, fitness dance, folk and ethnic dance, Bollywood, acrobatic dance, para dance, zumba dance ...)



A production is defined as an elaborate theatrical presentation. It must contain a clear theme and story with a beginning, middle and end. Its primary purpose is audience entertainment. All dance styles are allowed. There are no age restrictions in productions and dancers from different age divisions can compete.

NEW 2022: If there are less than 3 registered choreographies in certain DISCIPLINE, competitors will be moved under OPEN discipline!




Registration to our festival is possible through Festis system - register HERE!


When creating your FestIS account, you must first provide information about your club or dance school. Your club or dance school pays the entry fees, so be careful to enter the correct billing information. In the next step you have to add information about your dancers - their name, surname, gander and birth dates. Only when you have added all your dancers, you can choose our festival and continue with registration.


The last step of registration is to create your routines. You need to provide information about the performance title, category, dance style, age division, choreographer's and dancers' names, track duration, and then upload your music.


The system allows you to save unfinished routines, even without uploaded music, so you can easily edit your routines later. The last day to create routines is the festival's deadline. When you finish creating all routines and upload all your music, send your registration by clicking on - FINISH REGISTRATION - ENROLL!


After the registration is completed, you can download your pro forma invoice for entry fee payment. If you have any trouble with submitting your registration, please contact FestIS administrator via email - festis.dance@gmail.com or phone +386 70 708 808!



Contact: matjaz@hisaplesa.si

All three application forms must be completed by the registration deadline, which is Friday, November 11th 2022.


Each club/school can register one or more routines in the same or in different categories. Individual dancer can perform in more than one routine in the same category.  Individual dancer cannot perform in two different routines, registered by two different clubs/schools. Exceptionally such performance is allowed, if both clubs/schools attach an agreement to the registration. 




SOLO:  30,00 EUR (own music) or 15 EUR (organiser's music) 

DUO/TRIO:  20,00 EUR per dancer (own music) or 15 EUR (organiser's music) 

GROUP: 15,00 EUR per dancer

FORMATION: 12,00 EUR per dancer

PRODUCTION: 12,00 EUR per dancer


Entry fee is stated per individual dancer and per individual performance. Dancers, competing in more categories, pay entry fees for each category in which they compete.


Entry fee must be played after receiving pro forma invoice; payments should be made to the following bank account:





IBAN: SI56 0310 8100 0769 078



PURPOSE: LIBERO DANCE FEST – (name of the club/school)

REFERENCE: SI00 (number of proforma invoice)


Check-in is available all day during the competition. The team captains must pay start fee in cash if it wasn't paid on the organiser's account prior to check in. 
Team captain is going to receive the envelope with start numbers, bracelets for the contestants and accreditations for supporters. 1 accreditation/ 10 dancers.

Performers must be ready for their performance at least 90 min before their performance is scheduled. The organiser reserves the right to change the program.



Registration cancellation is not possible after the registration deadline, except when the cause for the cancellation is a medical condition (disease, injury etc.) and the Participant submits to the Organiser a physician’s note about said medical condition. Only in such a case the already paid entry fee will be refunded as follows: 




There is a maximum of 30 seconds allowed for scenic set up for each performance. Dancers themselves, with the exception of dancers from the MINI category, must set up the scene. Dancers also have 30 seconds to break down the scene after the performance and to leave the dance floor clean and intact. Any damage, done to the dance floor/stage as a consequence of performance or movement of scenic props is the responsibility of the club/school. 




SOLO:  1:00 – 2:15

DUO/TRIO:  1:00 – 2:15

GROUP: 2:00 – 3:00

FORMATION: 2:00 – 4:00

PRODUCTION: 3:00 – 5:00


Music, exceeding the allotted time, will be muted at the upper time limit. A margin of +/- 2 seconds is allowed.




Music must be appropriate for the performance and age division of dancers.  Music in MINI, KIDS and JUNIOR categories must not contain offensive or vulgar expressions. 


The club/school submits music via online link sent by the Organizer. It is advised that club/school representatives keep a copy of the music on USB, in case of any potential trouble with the submitted music.



before 13th of November 2022

14th till 15th of November 2022

16th till 17th of November 2022

18th till 19th of November 2022

20th till 25th of November 2022



100 %

75 %

50 %

25 %

0 % 



The judging panel is comprised of renowned dance experts (judges, coaches, choreographers), both national and international, picked based on their credentials by the Organizer. Appointed judges are experts from difference dance genres. 


Each category is judged by 5 judges, at least 3 of them specialised for the dance discipline they have been delegated to judge.


Judges evaluate each routine using points from 1 - worst to 10 - best in the following parameters:

- Technique

- Music and rhythm

- Interpretation

- Choreography

- Impression


The final result is the arithmetic mean of the scores that have been assigned by all the judges, where the best and worst scores for each evaluated parameter have been discarded. 


The winner in each category is the routine that has been evaluated with the highest number of points. If two or more routines reach the same number of points, the winner is the routine that has the highest number of points in the technique parameter. If it is not possible to determine the winner even after that, the deciding factor become the highest number of points in parameter music and rhythm, then interpretation, choreography and lastly also synchronization. If after the mentioned order of parameters it is still not possible to determine a winner, best routines share the first place. 




Each dancer participating in the festival receives a diploma in accordance with the acquired number of points for their performance.  The diplomas are bronze, silver and gold and are distributed based on a percentage of individual performance's acquired points.

- Up to 50 % acquired points BRONZE CERTIFICATE 

- From 51 % to 60 % acquired points HIGH BRONZE CERTIFICATE

- From 61 % to 70 % acquired points SILVER CERTIFICATE

- From 71 % to 80 % acquired points HIGH SILVER CERTIFICATE

- From 81 % to 90 % acquired points GOLD CERTIFICATE

- From 91 % to 100 % acquired points ELITE GOLD CERTIFICATE


Within each category a winner of the category is also declared, the winner being the performance with the highest sum of all points. Winner of each category receives a TROPHY.


The festival organiser will also give a special cash award for the best solo and duo/trio.

6 best scored solos and 6 best scored duos/trios with the highest number of points are invited to perform at LITTLE DANCE GALA EVENING and to compete for cash awards:

1st place – 300 EUR + invitation for GRAND DANCE GALA on Sunday evening

2nd place – 150  EUR + invitation for GRAND DANCE GALA on Sunday evening

3rd place – 75 EUR + invitation for GRAND DANCE GALA on Sunday evening


The 6 groups and 6 formations with the highest number of points are invited to perform at GRAND DANCE GALA EVENING and to compete for cash awards:

1st place – 1.000 EUR

2nd place – 500 EUR

3rd place – 250 EUR


The winner also receives a trophy for winning and a GRAND PRIX TROPHY MASTER DANCE GALA WINNER.





All categories and dance styles that are not listed below under exceptions perform on their own music, submitted to the organizer. Each registered routine performs once and receives judiciary points for that performance. Six best routines in group and six best routines in formation categories have a privilege to perform again at GRAND DANCE GALA EVENING, where they compete for special awards.




The dance floor measures a minimum of 15 x 12 meters. Dance floor is ballet dance floor. 


The club/school representative collects tickets and start numbers for the competitors. The representative also submits music for the performances.


Only dancers who have completed the entry fee payment till deadline can compete in the festival.


Participants must abide by festival rules and regulations and compete at their own risk. The Organizer does not take any responsibility in the event of possible injury, especially not financial or any other liabilities to third parties for the duration of the festival.


Participants must be responsible for the safekeeping of their own personal items, for they are not the Organizer's responsibility. 


The participants of the festival authorize the use of photos and videos of themselves for the purpose of promoting the festival and waive any and all rights in this respect.


The winner of the GRAND DANCE GALA EVENING receives a grand prix transitional trophy, which they must return to the Organizer no later than by the beginning of the next year's festival.


By registering and paying the entry fee each participant unconditionally accepts all of the listed rules and regulations of the festival.